Benefits and Ways Of Worshiping Surya  Dev

Benefits and Ways Of Worshiping Surya Dev

After bathing in the morning for the peace of the Sun, water is offered to the Sun. After that, donating things related to the sun, chanting, wear Ruby stone, holding home mantra and bathing water with the objects of the sun also comes in the measures of the sun. Any one of these methods are used to calm the sun. These remedies can be particularly useful in removing the negative effects of the Sun in transit.

Ways Of Worshiping Surya Dev :

1 -Bath

When the Sun is transitory in transit, it is auspicious to bathe a person with a poppy or red flower or saffron in water while taking a bath. Poppy seeds, red flowers or saffron are all the things of the Sun and by taking measures of the Sun, along with protecting against other evils, a person develops the power to fight against diseases.

Surya’s remedies support his father’s chances of improving his health. After bathing with the objects of the Sun, the properties of the Sun’s objects enter the person’s body and increase the Sun’s properties in his body.

2- Donation

In addition to bathing with the Sun’s objects, donating the Sun’s objects can also avoid the evil of the Sun. Donations can include copper, jaggery, wheat and lentils. This donation can be done every Sunday or on the day of Surya Sankranti. Donating things of the sun is beneficial on the day of solar eclipse.

All items can also be donated simultaneously under this measure. While donating, items can be weighed according to their strength. It is better if the person donates the donated items with his accumulated wealth. If he is unable to take the item himself due to his age or any other reason for which the donation is being made, then any person close to his family can also donate it on his behalf. While donating, one should have full faith in the Sun God. There is no complete auspicious result of any remedy due to lack of faith.

3- Mantra

Mantra chanting can also be done in the measures of the sun. Mantras of Surya can be chanted “ॐ घूणि: सूर्य आदित्य: मंत्र”. Chanting this mantra can also be done daily and chanting it on every Sunday gives especially auspicious results. The number of mantras can be 10, 20 or 108 if chanting daily. The number of mantras can also be increased and chanting the same mantra in other activities related to the sun like havan etc. is also favorable.

One should take complete care of purity while chanting the mantra. During the period of mantra chanting, one should meditate on the sun god while chanting. One should maintain concentration while chanting the mantra and getting up in the middle of it is not beneficial.

4 – Surya Yantra

To install the Surya Yantra, firstly the Surya Yantra is made on paper under special circumstances on copper paper. Surya Yantra consists of 9 food of equal size. Prescribed numbers are written in these. In the above 3 rows 6, 1, 8 numbers should be in different column respectively.

Numbers 7, 5, 3 are written in the middle row and 2, 9, 4 are written in the row of the last line. It is the specialty of the numbers of this instrument that even if they are equidistant, its sum is only 15. Numbers should be written in a certain field.

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